Month: April 2016

It is April 2016, Virtual Reality (VR) seems to have finally arrived. It has been a long exciting road, pure fun I believe. We reached the consumer market, all of us together, enthusiasts, evangelists, developers, backers, all of us.




It is a new paradigm for entertainment, education, industry in general. The founding stones have settled and now the journey of discovery truly begins. Content is king and it will morph in surprising, unexpected ways. And I cannot wait.

We have been given a huge responsibility as consumers and developers to help shape this emerging new reality. From input methods, to applicability of the medium the path is unclear and full of possibilities.


One of the first challenges ahead, present in this first VR generation seems to be the problem of artificial locomotion. The technology arriving at our doors allows for seamless tracking and movement within the boundaries of our real physical space. But we want to explore, we want to expand our boundaries, roam free. And it is this freedom that we need to enable when developing new locomotion systems.


This is the intro video done in collaboration with the Master Art Class of Big Rock school!