We’re finally in production! It has been a long summer full of events and decisions: the most important of which was to start going fulltime for Runes productions: the first thing was to get a place to work properly so we got ourselves this neat garage we later refurbished WITH OUR OWN HANDS 🙂


Here are some pics of the process!




We’re on our way!

We have some nice new reviews of our work!


“Runes somehow captures the holy trinity of VR; something good to look at, something to meaningful to do with your hands, and giving purpose to movement – all while maintaining, a narrative driven game”


“Stormborn Studio’s title was one of the best games of Gamescom 2016”


“Stormborn studio seek to revolutionize playing the “mage” with runes: the forgotten path”



“Runes is an extremely promising title, with a huge potential and, without any doubt, it deserves the attention of anyone interested in vr gaming”.


The only way to say it is that IT WAS A BLAST.


We want to thank AESVI and ICE for giving us the oppostunity to participate with the Italian Pavillion.


What to say? It was incredible, we always had a queue and the feedback on the demo has been super positive! Soon we’ll have the first hands on reviews: Meanwhile a cool picture of us!



We finally finished our demo: Right on time for GAMESCOM 2106.


Here’s the trailer:



We are super Excited to finally present this to press, publishers and the general audience!


We’re looking forwart to publish it, meanwhile we hope you enjoy the trailer!