Runes: the forgotten path was conceived to provide a groundbreaking gaming experience, that exploits the full potential of room scale virtual reality devices, and turns players into wizards, empowering them with the gift of magic. The main character is Leth, a renegade wizard trying to escape Oblivion: a magical sleep prison of the mind cast upon him by the Panopticon, a tyrannical wizard order that controls the magical world he lives in. He will have to use of all his powers to fight enemies, solve puzzles and escape his mind prison



We love virtual reality videogames and we love tv Series, so we came up with an idea: why don't we start making a series in which you can play the Main character? Imagine playing Game of Thrones  as a protagonist!


Imagine being there while events unfold, in a virtual world, with you being the one making things happen!


Room scale VR is a totally different experience than traditional gaming: it's literally a new media for us to exploit and to tell new stories in ways that some years ago were barely conceivable.

So far, lots of experiences are exploiting this new media to trigger brief sensations: people play short, sometimes interactive, experiences that have the same logic of the "Arrival of a Train at La Ciotat" (The Lumière Brothers, 1895). Of course, at the time, that was new and shocking but the Cinema became more than that, right?

That's how we deal with VR: we do not think it is immersive as it is but of course it is a new way to deliver amazing stories: and that's how you get people to make experiences they enjoy.


Why a series and not a movie then?

Esentially, making a series will let us deliver games with a lower price point and a higher polish level on a tighter schedule, makig us able to deliver high quality experiences while remaining creatively independent.

All of that while keeping the experience totally playable!



Runes, the forgotten path is an action adventure game in which you will be a mage, privileged by the knowledge of ancient runes: the primeval source of magic.
The Runes system allows the player to actually craft magic with its own hands:  by pressing a button on the controller (Oculus touch or Vive controller), you will enter a 'casting stance', once there, you will have to make the right gestures to conjure the desired power whether you need to cast a magical shield or to attack your foe with a deadly spell or simply to move away a massive boulder from your path using telekinesis.


Once the spell has been crafted it will be bound to one of the character’s hands, ready to be cast at will. There will be no need for anything like mana points. You’ll be free.

During the game story you will learn more and more spells that will allow you to progress in your quest and solve every fight or obstacle in different ways, all of this while interacting with a rich and convincing, yet weird world in which you will be immersed in a compelling story.


Play it your own way!



The new concept of virtual reality introduced by Valve and HTC with the VIVE goes well beyond the already incredible experience offered by the Oculus DK2.

Being able to move with your body in a virtual space creates a unique feeling of presence, truly indescribable.


In terms of gameplay, however, limiting an entire game in a few meters inside a room-sized space could be detrimental in the long run, killing exploration, one important gameplay factor.


The 4th WALL locomotion system of Runes that we are building allows the player to move his/her character anywhere in the game with a third person view and classic analogic stick movement, with the camera bound to the player head; physically moving within the room will let the player choose from which direction observe the character and the scene.


The player can relax, sitting on the sofa while exploring within the game or look at the scene details.

At the push of a specific button, the character will move into a first-person view, being able to freely move within the limits of his room.




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