We're the kind of people who grew up in a world that included video games. Who explored other worlds, thanks to those video games. Some of us are old enough to have stared, wide-eyed, at a pixelated spaceship landing on Jupiter, on a Commodore 64. We've ventured through Hyrule, and saved princesses from Bowser. We wielded both tongues and swords against our foes, on Caribbean islands, with Guybrush. We've ventured through dungeons and alien planets. And on and on, all the way to today. Screens of all sizes have reflected their light on our amazed faces, at all times of day or night.

Video games helped shape our jokes, our imagination, our hysterical reaction times.

We're gamers. That's who we are.




Theoretical physicist by training, VR enthusiast at heart: Alex is our lead programmer. He understands things about the universe that I can't even fathom. He is a maths wizard and it shows in his programming skills. He splits his time between trying to unveil the fundamental secrets of the universe and creating the fundamentals of a new universe within our game.



Team founder, storyteller, game designer, and above all, hardcore gamer.
He is the mastermind behind our project. He can be referred to as the most enthusiastic man in the gaming industry. His tyrannical regime is omnipresent and overwhelming but his authoritarian persona hides unspoken amounts of pure love for the team.



Architect, environmental and graphic designer, he adds logic to our fantasies to make them more believable thus visionary.
Players will never know, but every building in the game can be actually built (If you want any architectural structure of the game to be built in your garden, please feel free to contact him.)

jack marini


Forged in the ancient fires of MOBA fights, this cyborg expells flairs of smoke full of swearing. This high capacity mode allows him to produce the most beautiful and elaborate 3D models. His voice fills the office everyday but the results are worth it..



Our concept and imaginative artist. Alvaro is the inspiration for so much of the world in Runes. His designs give life to otherwise lifeless ideas, breathing creativity in maniac influxes of beauty and innovation. His sense of balance and fantasy is patent in everything he touches. A concept speed machine, he always delivers.